This is the most important page about website design that you will ever read. It will take you about two minutes to read it, but once you’ve finished you will know why your current website isn’t performing, and what you can do about it.
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does an underperforming website look like?


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If your website is
not making money, bin it

An underperforming website is one that is not generating you sales or leads.

Your website should be an active and essential part of your marketing strategy, even if your business is not one that can sell products directly online. If your website is not generating sales or getting leads, it is failing. So, why do most websites fail? They fail because they are built by website designers. It pains us to say it as we do website design too, but it is true. Websites that are built by website designers fail.

Business focussed
website design

At Acquire Infotech we don’t help businesses get a website – we help businesses create websites that make money.

The process involves 7 elements: Create a clean and modern design that reflects your brand and looks great -

Make it work on all devices (at no extra cost):
  • Make sure it loads fast
  • Create pages that facilitate user experience AND conversions
  • Write SEO copy that Google loves, and that makes users take action
  • Develop a marketing plan to get you high levels of the right traffic
  • Back it all up enterprise levels of customer support

How do you deal with this? You get a website that is built by business-focussed professionals who are skilled in website design techniques (coding, graphic design, etc).

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