Our industry is full of cowboy agencies over-promising and under delivering.

What you can expect working with us!

Results - we have a proven Google AdWords management track record of delivering excellent returns on investment

Transparent - there are no hidden costs with our service. This means things like ad testing, conversion tracking and multiple ad groups are all included. Plus we are open about our management fees.

Analysis - we produce detailed analytics and call tracking so you can measure the results. This also helps us optimise your campaign

Qualified - senior consultants who hold individual certifications from Google will manage your campaign. Plus Digital Results is a Google AdWords qualified company.

Reporting - we'll give you easy to read reports that show you exactly how well your campaign is performing

Proactive - we work tirelessly to improve the performance of your campaign

Here are a few key strategies we implement that no other agency does.

We operate on a month-to-month basis, no longterm contracts, no locking you in.

That means we will do our best in order to get your results, so that you don't leave. Most agencies lock you into a contract, so there is no incentive in doing the hardwork to get the client results, as they are quite comfortable doing the bare minimum knowing that you cannot leave right away.

Our Management Fee is a fixed-rate.

That means that no matter how high your adspend budget is, we only take our fixed fee for setting up, managing and running the ads. Most agencies take a percentage of your total spend for managing your account, that means the more you spend on your AdWords, the more money they take, which is a scam in our opinion, as increased AdSpend does not mean more work from the agency.

We don't drive all traffic to the homepage of your website.

This is a common approach and simply put, very lazy and ineffective. Instead, we create specific landing pages for each of your services, so that depending on what the prospect has searched on Google, the relevant ad will be displayed and once they clickthrough, they will land on the relevant page. This is a proven method to increase your conversion rate.

It is time to start
doing Google AdWords
campaigns differently

  • Optimise your campaigns so you get the right visitors
  • Optimise the ad copy and landing page
  • Get a decent return on your investment

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The Google Adwords Process

Setting up a Google AdWords campaign is procedurally straightforward. Google deliberately made the forms easy to understand, even for people with no technical knowledge. But when you go below the surface, AdWords is incredibly complex.

Targeted changes can turn an unprofitable campaign into a profitable one.

Supercharge Your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

We know that we have to justify our costs when we run a Google AdWords campaign for you. Of course we will save you the administration time that is involved in running a campaign, but we will also substantially improve the results that you achieve.

To improve the ROI on your Google AdWords campaign you should speak to a pay-per-click expert now for a free consultation. Call now.

Step 1


This starts with landing page optimisation. Depending on your campaign this could involve changing an existing page on your website, or creating a new one. We then set up the ad by optimising the targeting, bids, and ad copy.

Step 2


We get an understanding of your business, website, and business objectives. We will audit your website and will create a plan for improving its SEO. Keyword research is also conducted at this stage, plus we analyse your competition. From this we will create an off-site strategy too.

Step 3


Too many ecommerce websites fail in this crucial part of the process – they get the visitors, keep them on the site, but the visitor doesn’t buy. They’ll probably buy somewhere, so your hard work has helped a competitor get a sale. We will ensure your visitor clicks your Buy Now buttons

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